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Premier Real Estate Management, LLC considers it a privilege to permit tenants to keep animals on the premises. The following animal restrictions apply at this property:

CATS are allowed at this property: YES
Weight Limit: 20 lbs. each.
Additional Deposit: $125 per cat
Additional Monthly Rent: $20/month per cat

DOGS are allowed at this property: YES
Weight Limit: 50 lbs. each.
Additional Deposit: $125 per dog
Additional Monthly Rent: $20/month per dog


The following breed restrictions apply:

No Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, or Siberian Huskies or any mix of the foregoing breeds will be permitted to live at the property.

All animals shall be maintained and properly licensed and inoculated as required by local, county or state statute, ordinance or health code. All animals must be spayed or neutered and over one year of age. You must supply the office with certification from the pet’s veterinarian to verify the animal’s age, breed, weight, vaccination and sterilization.

Pets of vicious or dangerous disposition shall not be permitted. Any animal duly determined to be a nuisance or threat under state or local law will immediately be required to be removed from the premises.

Premier Real Estate Management, LLC fully complies with the Fair Housing laws as it applies to disabilities. Persons who desire an accommodation must convey that request to management, who will then attempt to obtain sufficient information to determine if the request can be granted and how it can be accommodated. Since every situation is different, each request is treated separately. It is impossible to give a blanket answer on questions of accommodation. If a prospective tenant desires to apply, we will then accept any request and make a full review to see if it can be accommodated.

What kind of pets do you allow? Do you permit exotic Pets?
Dogs (w/breed restrictions) and cats. No exotic pets.

How many pets may I have?
2 pets per unit.

Are there any deposits, special fees or monthly charges to have a pet?
$25 per month per pet.

What must I bring with me to tour an apartment?
Driver’s license.

What are your fees and monthly charges?
Rent, parking, pet fee, and storage.

What are the income and credit qualifications?
Gross income must exceed 3 times the monthly rent, favorable credit report and 12 months of favorable rental history.

What is is acceptable “proof of income” to sign a lease?
Income verification by employer contact, current check stubs, current tax return, or an offer letter.

Is my security deposit totally refundable?
Yes, less any damages that may have occurred since move in.

If I get a job transfer, can I break the lease?
We do offer options. Please speak to your property management team.

Can I change to a month-to-month lease plan after my first year?
We do offer different lease term options. Please speak to your property management team.

Do you offer storage units?

How long is the term of the lease?
We offer different lease term options. Please speak to your property management team.

Do you accept leases for short terms?
We offer different lease term options. Please speak to your property management team.

Am I required to have renters’ insurance?
Yes. Speak with our office for details.

Do you offer corporate apartments?

If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, how do I report it?
You have two options. Contact your property management team directly or schedule through The Marling website. For emergencies, we have a 24-hour on call number: 1-800-708-7462.

When is my rent payment due?
On the 1st day of each month.

What day am I liable for a late charge?
After the 3rd day of the month.

Will you accept electronic payments from my bank?

There is a person who might be staying with me for a while, is that permitted?
Guests that stay over two weeks must be added to the lease.

Do you have reserved parking?

I have a motorcycle, where can I park it?
Please speak to your property management team for options.

Can I install my satellite dish at my apartment?
Restrictions apply. Please speak to your property management team.

Do you have cable services?
Yes. Cable is available at the site from local providers, but is not included in the rent.

Does the property have a fitness center?

Does the property offer on-site recycling?

Are gas grills permitted at your property?
Gas grills are not permitted on your balcony, but electric grills are ok. We do offer community grills for your convenience and enjoyment.

Are residents permitted to paint their apartment?
Alterations will be considered. Please contact your property management team.

Will you accept my delivery packages for me?